Discover the antibacterial systems for architecture.

It combines the best antibacterial technologies to offer a higher protection.

It is shown that in all buildings the surfaces are populated by microorganisms. These microorganisms are deposited by sedimentation or contact. This colonization can affect anyone who frequents a place with contaminated surfaces and can lead to more or less serious diseases and in the case of weaker subjects, even death.

In a building, therefore, surfaces play an important role in the spread of pathogens and this real risk is very often underestimated and should be addressed with the right technologies.

Whether it’s clinics, airports, kindergartens, schools or private homes, the IAM+ handrail systems help to maintain a high hygiene standard, eliminating 99% of the pathogens present on their surfaces making them effectively ANTIBACTERIAL.


Why use IAM+

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, IAM+ is able to kill and eliminate 99,9% bacteria
and other pathogens.


Returning home, the risk of bringing bacteria with you is high, but thanks to the IAM+ accessories by IAM Design you can protect your home and loved ones.


IAM+ protects young people in a notoriously crowded environment, especially in schools where students do not always know the importance of careful hand hygiene.


It helps to reduce contagion eliminating the bacteria it comes into contact with, thus IAM+ surfaces safe to touch.


Hospitals are by nature places with a high risk of contagion. Thanks to IAM+ it is easier to protect the health of doctors, operators and patients.

Application solutions




It kills more than 99% of bacteria

The handrails with IAM+ treatment slowly release silver ions which, in a few minutes, kill more than 650 species of germs, including Escherichia Coli, Legionella Pneumoniae, Salmonella Enteritidis and others. Silver ions are absolutely safe for humans, as they only attack bacteria and inhibiting their ability to reproduce.

_____ con IAM+
_____ senza IAM+

The problem

The contagion risk

It is shown that surfaces in public places are one of the main channels of spread of viruses and bacteria.

The solution

Protected by IAM+ ANTIBACTERIAL technology

The antibacterial properties of nano silver particles eliminate and kill the bacteria they come into contact with.

IAM+ technology combines natural
antibacterial properties of silver with metallic surfaces
of common use in construction.

or a safe contact experience.

The patented silicone-based protective film evenly distributes silver salts, making the surface of IAM+ antibacterial products, lengthening and improving their protection.

How it works?

Silver ions present on the surface IAM+ immediately attack bacteria that settle on the surface inhibiting them in a very short time and eliminating the danger.

The treatment provides 24-hour constant protection.

Silver ions

Bacteria elimination

24-h protection

The behaviour of bacteria in comparison

ESCHERICHIA COLI 00:00 h 160.000
Number of bacteria at the time of infection
Number of bacteria at the time of infection
ESCHERICHIA COLI + 24:00 h 99,999%
STAFILOCOCCUS 00:00 h 350.000
Number of bacteria at the time of infection
Number of bacteria at the time of infection
STAFILOCOCCUS + 24:00 h 99,948%

IAM+ in a nutshell

100% antibacterial

Thanks to a patented silicon-based cover enriched with nano silver particles, the IAM+ system are 100% antibacterial and safe for public use.


IAM+ systems have passed chemical, physical and mechanical tests and they have obtained the ISO 22196 certification.

Easy to assemble

Easy to assemble on new applications, but they can also be mounted on existing balustrade and handrail systems.


The systems with antibacterial properties IAM+ are customizable or can be made on design, according to the construction site needs.

Easy to clean

The IAM+ systems are antibacterial, but if you want to clean them you can use cleaning solutions with neutral or acidic composition, avoiding products alkaline.

Same quality

The IAM+ systems are made with the usual care to obtain products with quality superior to the standards currently on the market.

Water resistant

Thanks to the silicon-based coverage of the products IAM+, the natural ripples and micro incisions present on metal surface, are filled and flattened to create a hard protective film, so that liquids, dust and other agents slide away that might otherwise corrode the steel.

For this reason products with treatment Antibacterial are also more protective and beautiful in time.

Tested and certified by independent third parties

The IAM+ treatment has been certified by the Chemistry & Environment laboratories and by the universities in accordance with the ISO 22196:211 regulation (Determination of the antibacterial action).

Antibacterial treatment has been tested for resistance to corrosion in saline mist according to EN1970.

99,9 % bactericidal

Costant action

No maintenance required

Items IAM+ realized and in stock.

On request, the entire IAM Design range can be supplied with IAM+ technology with over 3000 items. Ask for our complete catalogue or download it now!

But we can also realize not-standard products according to project needs.


Are just some of the messages you can give. IAM+ handrails on request can be supplied with messages dedicated to alert the user regarding their antibacterial properties.

Box IAM+

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