The Chameleon frameless are railing systems characterised by customizable floor supports.
These systems are designed to be 100% customisable and this feature allows them to adapt to any architectural requirement.

Design load: 1 kN
Ultimate strength: 1,75 kN
Design load: 1,5 kN
Ultimate strength: 2,5 kN


1 - SReinforced zamak structure.
2 - Flat satin cover.
3 - Flat cover in polished mirror.
4 - Slim cover with satin finish.
5 - Installation of 2 per m/linear *
6 - Installation of 3 per m/linear *

* with tempered glass 8 + 8 +1,52 mm.

The technical and structural characteristics of the Chameleon frameless remain unchanged despite the customisation. The customizations can only regard the color of the cover or even the material and shape of the cover according to the design requirements.


1 - Example of Flat cover with opaque black painted surface.

2 - Example of a 100% customised cover, both in design and material. This particular version is white Carrara marble, but you can use other types of stones.

3 - It is possible to use materials such as wood or marble on this syste.


Designed for: use and public places
Use: internal and external
Variations: floor mounted
Applications: stairs, balconies and balustrades
Material: Stainless steel AISI 316, 304 and Zamak
Infill: glass
Glass thickness: from 12,76 to 17,52 mm
Upper finish: stainless steel, marble, wood or other materials
Extra: Material, colors and finishing are customizable.