The modular Easy Hold Round railing system is a solution suitable for all types of railings and balustrades. This system allows you
to anchor directly to the columns of the glass panels with a grooved tubular frame.


1 - Grooved tube to support the glass infill.

2 - A characteristic upper-hook fastening system with guillotine clamping for easy installation.

3 - Compatible with glass thicknesses from 8 mm up to 21,52 mm.

4 - Lower fixing.

5 - Available for anchoring to the floor or to the wall.

The clamp:

The characteristic feature of the Easy Hold Round systems is the hook clamp. This accessory makes it possible to attach to both the bottom and top.

The Easy Hold Round systems are tested and certified, and depending on the configuration can be used in public places, as per EN1090 regulations.

The Easy Hold Round Bars are the metallic version of these systems. Ideal for both public and private locations.
Perfect for outdoor use, as this system requires minimal routine maintenance.


1 - The space between the vertical rods complies with the standard (10 cm).

2 - Infill structure in AISI 304 or AISI 316 satin-finish steel. Tubular structure diameter 42,4 mm.

3 - Vertical rods diameter 12 mm.

4 - Can also be used on stairs or other inclined surfaces.

5 - Glass or vertical rods infill.


Designed for: home and public use
Use: indoor and outdoor
Variations: floor or wall mountedbr /> Applications: stairs, balconies and balustrades
Material: AISI 316 and 304 stainless steel
Infill: glass or Stainless steel rods
Glass thickness: from 8 mm to 21,52 mm
Upper finish: satin or glossy stainless steel