The Wall fixing point are the most essential and minimal railing systems. Ideal for projects where almost
use is expected total glass with the least possible use of fixing accessories.

Available versions:

They are available in 2 standard versions:

1 - Circular version with diameter from 50 mm *
2 - Square version.

* The circular version allows the adjustment of the glass on the 3 axes "x y z".

The Wall Fixing Points are also available in a fully customizable Chameleon version, thus adapting to any kind of architecture and design. The technical and structural characteristics remain unchanged despite the customization.


1 - Example of a satin brass metal cover, also available in copper, bronze or other metals.
2 - The finishes on this system can be customized with many stone and wood possibilities.


These systems are customizable with any choice of powder coating within the Ral scale, as well as having additional options for custom special coatings:

3 - Corten effect.
4 - Micaceous grey.
5 - Acid-etched effect.
6 - Infinite white.
7 - Matt black.


Designed for: home use and public places
Use: internal and external
Variations: round and square
Applications: stairs, balconies and balustrades
Material: AISI 316 and 304 stainless steel
Infill: glass
Glass thickness: from 8 to 25,52 mm
Upper finish: satin or glossy stainless steel
Extra: Customizable material, color and finish